20 Funny Dumbledore Army Protest Sign Memes

Going to a Rally? Here are 20 ideas to make it all about Harry Potter!

There comes a time in everyone’s life when something in the public arena — it might be politics it might be change — which stirs you to put on your walking shoes, find an old broom sick and attach a large piece of card to it with some well chosen words explaining, precisiely, what it is you think about the matter…

In such situations, we are often propelled towards the familiar. Many find that referencing their favorite fictional wizard, and his fictional ‘army’, composed of teen age school kids, is the most persuasive way of bringing their political viewpoint to the fore. And making people listen.

That may be debatable, of course — afterall, reducing your strongest held beliefs to a humorous meme doesn’t exactly ooze sincerity. Sometimes, I wonder if we’re all just living in a real world Twitter construct, where every action we take is simply a ‘tweet’ that lasts for as long as the shortest attention span.

In any case, none of that matters because I’m only here to write an intro to this collection of fun, occasionally hilarious, Hogwarts related protest signs — if you’re feeling savagely political, take your pick!

20 Funny Dumbledore Army protest Signs

Dumbledore's Army Sign
Dumbledore’s Army Sign

Dumbledore’s Army — Still Recruiting! Is a very popular sign to yield, for many protesters!

Dumbledore's Army Wouldnt-let-this-happen
Dumbledore’s Army Wouldnt-let-this-happen

Appealing to the moral integrity of Dumbledore…

Dumbledore's Army Quotes-wouldnt-let-this-happen
Dumbledore’s Army Quotes-wouldnt-let-this-happen

And again…

Dumbledore's Army Quotes-when-voldemort-is-president
Dumbledore’s Army Quotes-when-voldemort-is-president

Like Dumbledore, Hermoine has become a common clarian cry for many…

Dumbledore's Army Quotes-what-would-dumbledore-do
Dumbledore’s Army Quotes-what-would-dumbledore-do

What, indeed — he’d probably send his army!

Dumbledore's Army Quotes-we-must-all-face-the-choice-between-what-is-right-and-what-is-easy
Dumbledore’s Army Quotes-we-must-all-face-the-choice-between-what-is-right-and-what-is-easy

Where ever you are — one of our soldiers is there, with a sign…

Dumbledore's Army Quotes-we-are-dumbledores-army
Dumbledore’s Army Quotes-we-are-dumbledores-army

And so’s my wife!

Dumbledore's Army Quotes-I-was-told-there-would-be-cake
Dumbledore’s Army Quotes-I-was-told-there-would-be-cake

Ah ha! The ‘cake’ promise — there is a long history of bribery among protesters…

Dumbledore's Army Quotes-now-youve-peed-off-grandma
Dumbledore’s Army Quotes-now-youve-peed-off-grandma

Although, to be fair, she doesn’t look too angry…

Dumbledore's Army Quotes-signs
Dumbledore’s Army Quotes-signs

I’m with him. I just wish I knew what he stood for!

Dumbledore's Army Quotes-still-recruiting
Dumbledore’s Army Quotes-still-recruiting

A little more makeshift than many of the others, but he did turn up…

Dumbledore's Army Quotes-teachers-strike-chicago
Dumbledore’s Army Quotes-teachers-strike-chicago

Difficult to ask him, though…


Dumbledore's Army Quotes-this-wouldnt-happen-at-hogwarts
Dumbledore’s Army Quotes-this-wouldnt-happen-at-hogwarts

No, this definitely didn’t hapen in Hogwarts — otherwise we’d have all read about it…

Dumbledore's Army Quotes-this-wouldnt-happen-in-hogwarts
Dumbledore’s Army Quotes-this-wouldnt-happen-in-hogwarts

Nor this.,..

Dumbledore's Army Quotes-Im-so-angry-protest-sign
Dumbledore’s Army Quotes-Im-so-angry-protest-sign

I’m so entertained, I posted it to my blog…

Dumbledore's Army Quotes-I-hate-crowds.
Dumbledore’s Army Quotes-I-hate-crowds.

Me too — that’s why I’m here and not there…

Dumbledore's Army Quotes-if-the-students-of-hogwarts-can-defeat-the-deatheaters
Dumbledore’s Army Quotes-if-the-students-of-hogwarts-can-defeat-the-deatheaters

Nice rallying cry — although Hogwarts is a fictional place, so maybe not the best comparison…

Dumbledore's Army Quotes-how-can-i-afford-hogwarts-now
Dumbledore’s Army Quotes-how-can-i-afford-hogwarts-now

How can anyone?

Dumbledore's Army Quotes-hogwarts-sign
Dumbledore’s Army Quotes-hogwarts-sign

As if you had the choice — even  if it were a real place they have an extremely strict entrance policy so you might find yourself dissappointed…

Dumbledore's Army Quotes-harry-potter-protesters-sign
Dumbledore’s Army Quotes-harry-potter-protesters-sign

Yes, completely irrelevant to Dumbledore too — but this was one of my favorites, so why not…

Dumbledore's Army Quotes-harry-potter-protesters-sign-the-bad-guy-shouldnt-win
Dumbledore’s Army Quotes-harry-potter-protesters-sign-the-bad-guy-shouldnt-win

In an ideal world, or a fictional world, that does tend to be the case — on the other hand, in this real world, those bad guys seems to stand a better chance…

Dumbledore's Army Quotes-harry-potter-protest-signs
Dumbledore’s Army Quotes-harry-potter-protest-signs

Who does?

Dumbledore's Army Quotes-harry-potter-sign
Dumbledore’s Army Quotes-harry-potter-sign

I’m with these guys…

Dumbledore's Army Quotes-hermoine-protest-sign
Dumbledore’s Army Quotes-hermoine-protest-sign

More Hermoine — it’s not just boys, you know!

Dumbledore's Army Quotes-hogwarts-protest-sign-hermione
Dumbledore’s Army Quotes-hogwarts-protest-sign-hermione

More general Hogwarts related protest signs…

Dumbledore's Army Quotes-hogwarts-protest-signs
Dumbledore’s Army Quotes-hogwarts-protest-signs

Good point, I suppose — but it was a story, wasn’t it. I mean…

Dumbledore's Army Quotes Student Protesters
Dumbledore’s Army Quotes Student ProtestersDon Denton/News staff
March 2 2012 – Spectrum Community School Grade 11 student Jacqueline Martson holds up a sign refering to the boarding school in the Harry Potter movies as she joins a greater Victoria high school student demonstration in support of their teachers and their contract negotiations with the provincial government.

I think I’ve made my point…

Dumbledore's Army Quotes-dumbledores-army-still-recruiting
Dumbledore’s Army Quotes-dumbledores-army-still-recruiting

We’re recruiting everywhere…

Dumbledore's Army Quotes-down-with-this-sort-of-thing
Dumbledore’s Army Quotes-down-with-this-sort-of-thing

Love this one — judging by the dog collar on the man on the right I’m guessing it’s a ‘Father Ted’ reference, but all the better for it…

Dumbledore's Army Quotes-dont-mess-with-duumbledore
Dumbledore’s Army Quotes-dont-mess-with-duumbledore

After all, he does have an army…

Dumbledore's Army Quotes-dd-wouldnt-let-this-happen
Dumbledore’s Army Quotes-dd-wouldnt-let-this-happen

Personally, I think Maggie probably would — contrast her with Hermoine…

Dumbledore's Army Quotes-best-protest-signs
Dumbledore’s Army Quotes-best-protest-signs

This guy knows his signs…

Dumbledore's Army Quote-protest-dumbledore-wouldnt-let-this-happen
Dumbledore’s Army Quote-protest-dumbledore-wouldnt-let-this-happen

How would he stop it?

Dumbledore's Army Funny-protesters
Dumbledore’s Army Funny-protesters

Not sure if this one is staged, but funny all the same…

Dumbledore's Army Protest-signs-harry-potter-taught-us
Dumbledore’s Army Protest-signs-harry-potter-taught-us

Harry Potter’s closet features in this one…

Dumbledore's Army Quotes-witty-protest-harry-potter-signs
Dumbledore’s Army Quotes-witty-protest-harry-potter-signs


Dumbledore's Army Quotes-i-was-told-there-would-be-cake
Dumbledore’s Army Quotes-i-was-told-there-would-be-cake


Dumbledore's Army Quotes funny protest Harry Potter signs
Dumbledore’s Army Quotes funny protest Harry Potter signs


Dumbledore's Army Quotes-the-problem-with-silly-protest-signs
Dumbledore’s Army Quotes-the-problem-with-silly-protest-signs

The final word…

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